Police D.A.V. Public School, Patiala celebrated the International Yoga Day in its school premises, in a grand way.

The School believes that education does not mean mere imparting of knowledge or facts
but it encompasses an all round development of an individual. The school has been taking
all initiatives to accomplish this. The celebration of International Yoga Day as declared
by United Nations was highly an exuberant event with the buoyant and enthusiastic
participation of the students. The school organized a plethora of activities for
students of all ages ranging from asanas, pranayam to Suryanamaskar. The students
stretched their arms, bent their legs, rolled their neck and twisted every sinew in their
body with greater dexterity, in a spectacular synchronicity with English and Hindi
instructions. Bhastrika,Kapalbhati,Bhramri, Padmasana, Vajrasana were the asanas, to name a
few, performed on the occasion.

Ms. Jatinder Kaur, the school’s Yoga teacher shared, “Yoga nurtures the healthy mind in
every school-going child. The role of yoga in school therefore, becomes significantly
The Principal, Mrs.Savita Dhankhar, in her inaugural address said, “Yoga, an ancient Art
and Science of health and harmony have vast potential for physical, mental, emotional,
social and spiritual health of every human being. The schools being convergent centers
can play a path breaking role in the growth and development of the nation.

The school once again witnessed unprecedented support from the parents for this event too. The day came to conclusion with the recitation of Shanti mantra and the students and teachers carrying home the message that, “Yoga is not for only one – it’s for everyone,
Yoga is not for a day- it’s for everyday.”