Today Earth Day was celebrated at Police D.A.V Public School ,Patiala.

On this occasion, Bhoomi Sharma of class 4 told the students about the reasons for celebrating the day. Through her speech she told that Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on 22 April every year. The originator of this day is American Senator Gaylord Nelson. Gaylord Nelson first drew America’s attention to the environmental consequences of American industrial development. For this, he organized the American society and provided a platform for protests and mass movements. It was like a breath of life for the people who had been fighting for a long time against polluting factories and power plants, municipal waste and poisonous heaps of waste from mines, pesticides, loss of biodiversity and extinct species. In imagining Earth Day, we see the dream of a world coming true in which the air and water around the world will be pollution free. The society will be healthy and happy. Rivers will not be in need of restoration of identity. The earth will be habitable. The soil will not sprout diseases but gold. For the whole world’s society, Earth Day will not be a ritual but a document of presenting a certificate of achievements and handing over a healthy,  and prosperous land to the coming generations. On this occasion, a dance was presented by the students of class 3rd and 4th, through which the students were told the importance of the earth. On this occasion, a short drama related to Earth Day was also shown to the school students by the students of class five. The purpose of showing this play was to inculcate  moral values ​​in the students, so that they can become responsible citizens. School Principal, Mrs. Savita Dhankar told  all the students about the importance of the day in today’s environment and inspired them to keep working to save the earth like a dutiful citizen.

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